donate to improve our communities

When you donate to The Garden of Eatin' project, you're not just donating to a bus or grocery store. You're donating to a vehicle of change. Change in the way Blacks and other disadvantaged individuals have access to basic human necessities - like nutritious food. Change in the way we are educated about our bodies and the impact simple choices make on - our mental wellbeing, our family finances, our family legacy, our community legacy. You're giving individuals the opportunity to be their own health advocates and not at the mercy of a medical system that believes we don't feel pain.

Choose from the donation/pledge levels offered, or select your own amount:

Black                    $5,000+                   

Your large company name or logo added on the side of the bus wrap; Only one available per side

Platinum $2500+     

Your name or logo added to the back of the bus wrap; Maximum 10 logos

Gold                          $1,000 +                           

Your name or logo displayed on the website 

Silver                    $500+

Mention/ad on TGoEHTX social sites and a TGoEHTX  t-shirt & gift certificate

You will be taken to PayPal. Donations are accepted through MBS Complete Wellness, our parent company. 100% of your donation will go to the renovation of the bus. All of our staff are volunteers. 

You will be contacted for company details.